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Doorstep Gifts

There is so much going on in the world today. Due to COVID 19, we have our kids at home and maybe some of you are also working from home too. We need to keep socially distant from loved ones and friends, which is very hard. Days are long. Yes, there can be some fun times during the day, but spreading a little extra sparkle or joy would be very welcome.

Just think of the joy that you could bring to someone’s day. They could open their front door to see a surprise gift on the doorstep. Of course, I’m going to  suggest that you try baking, so many of the recipes on my website are easy all in one ‘bung everything in’ style. I’ve even included one ‘no bake’ recipe in the list below.

Baking is also very relaxing, well if you bake alone it is ;-). Baking with kids might not be quite so relaxing (hmm… we all know what baking with kids is really like), but sure it’ll put in some time and also help teach them some life skills. They will also have enjoy running up to the doorstep and leaving the gift. Learning the gift of kindness, as well as baking, sure we can all take the hit of including the kids, for that eh.

I’ll list my top 5 recipes for Doorstep gifts below and put links to the recipes. These are all tried and tested by me and by many of my followers too.

You could wrap the gift in brown paper with a ribbon, cellophane or even just in tin foil. A little note or card would be brilliant too, but to be honest, I just leave the baked treat. My friends and family always know it’s from me….

  1. Banana Bread – This is a Mary Berry recipe that is always a hit & a good way to use up ripe bananas. It’s lovely with a cuppa and keeps well. Recipe – Banana Loaf
  2. Chocolate Brownies – We all know someone who LOVES chocolate. This recipe doesn’t even require a mixer, you make it in a saucepan. It could be divided up to share among a few people. Recipe – Chocolate Brownies
  3. Iced Lemon Traybake – Another easy recipe that is so enjoyable with a cuppa. I’d say out of all my recipes, this is the biggest crowd pleaser. It has a good lemon hit but is still very popular with kids too. This can be divided up and you’d have plenty for yourself too. Score. Recipe – Lemon Traybake
  4. Vanilla Cupcakes – These look so pretty and can be decorated with buttercream and sprinkles or just left plain. I gift these in a tin and get the tin back at a later stage. Recipe – Vanilla Cupcakes
  5. Mars Bar Rice Krispie Squares – The no bake option, for the people who think that they can’t bake. Indulgent and delicious. Always a hit. Recipe – Mars Bar Krispie Squares

I hope you enjoyed this post and are encouraged to spread some joy in the coming weeks. I love to see your creations & will happily share them if you’d like me to. Please feel free to send in a photo to either my facebook or Instagram page x


Happy Baking

De (aka thecakemum)

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