I am De aka thecakemum, mum of two kids and baking enthusiast. I ran my own cake business in Dublin, Ireland for 4 years and learnt oodles making cakes & cupcakes for my lovely clients. I am a self taught baker – I owe a lot to YouTube Tutorials! If you would like to see some of the cakes that I created, I’ve put a few on this blog in the about section. If you want to see everything that I’ve ever baked, check out @bakedycake on Instagram or find Bakedy Cake on Facebook. I’ve made a whole lot of cakes and cupcakes!

I set up my blog to share easy baking recipes, hoping to encourage people to bake – either with their kids or solo. I often bake when my kids aren’t around, it’s way more relaxing! My daughter does love baking with me, so she has helped on a fair few of these recipes

I hope you enjoy my blog and maybe even try a few recipes. All the recipes are easy – they have been chosen and tested by me. They are kid friendly, in terms of the tastes and the actual method – so you can involve your kids in the baking and the eating part. My kids prefer the making bit and often don’t even eat much of the end result. I should point out, that there is nearly always some kind of sweet treat in our house – be it, banana bread or cupcakes, so they are surrounded by cake a lot!

I also have pages about exercise/running and stuff to do with kids. There is not much there yet, as I am busy moving my recipes over to this new site, but I will add more to these pages soon.


I did struggle to find a suitable pic of me to use for the about section and in the end decided on this one of me at my happiest. It was taken in NYC in November 2017, we had just done a 5k run in Central Park, which was amazing and headed to a diner for a well deserved blow out. I ordered pecan pancakes and OMG they were amazing, hence the big smile.