The best chocolate fudge frosting

Frosting - the word sounds very American to me, but the recipe below is definitely not icing. This works so well on a cake. It’s a lick the spoon (ahem and bowl) kinda recipe. It would also be delicious on cupcakes, a traybake or even slightly heated and poured on ice cream. I have the… Continue reading The best chocolate fudge frosting


Easy Monster Cake Balls

Halloween baking seems to be a thing. It's getting like Christmas. Well, these cake balls are actually a no bake activity to do with the kids. Easy to do and my daughter had great fun. To do these Monster balls, I recommend you buy some candy eye balls. I use wilton brand ones (and I… Continue reading Easy Monster Cake Balls

Cakes & Bakes

Chocolate Birthday Cake

I've wanted a 'nice' crowd pleasing Chocolate sandwich cake for a while. I have a delicious heavier chocolate sponge cake but wanted a lighter cake that is quick to bake. Well, I found it. I like to take random cookery books from the library and try one recipe. This week's book was in the kids… Continue reading Chocolate Birthday Cake


Easter Marshmallow Pops

  Yup, you can make Marshmallow pops for any event! So easy and kids adore them. They are quite simply - a marshmallow on a straw dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkles. That's it I did record myself making them so will share it, seen as I made it, I might as well eh.… Continue reading Easter Marshmallow Pops