Bake A Wish

Bake A Wish

I am proud to support Bake-a-Wish Ireland, a heart warming charity which aims to help children with life threatening and life shortening conditions, and their siblings, to celebrate a birthday or special day in style, with a stunning cake! This small gesture, often decorated with a favourite character, always brings a welcome smile to children’s faces and we are very happy to be a part of that. To date, I have made four cakes for Bake A Wish and love being involved in this wonderful initiative.

While I have closed my cake business, I have retained HSE certification and insurance. I will continue to support Bake A Wish in 2018.


Minon: I made my most recent cake for Luke. He requested a Minion Chocolate Sponge so that’s what he got. Kids tend to love little icing figures so I added one to his cake. Parents can keep the figure as a keepsake or let kids eat them.


Supergirl: I made my third Bake-a-Wish Cake for Isabella, a little girl who was celebrating turning 6. Isabella’s mum always referred to her as ‘our princess’ but she was has a super hero streak and got a Supergirl cake. It was a two tier Chocolate Biscuit Cake with an edible figure on top.



Iron Man & Captain America: My second Bake-a-Wish cake is a double sided Iron Man and Captain America cake, which I made in 2016. Brandon’s only request was for a super hero birthday cake that said ‘no more chemo’. I wanted of course, to fulfil his request but also to give him a cake that didn’t mention his treatment – and for him to have a cake like any other little boy.

I decided it was the perfect opportunity to do a double sided cake. One half with the ‘No More Chemo’ Message and the other half with good ole Happy Birthday. He loved it and his Mum loved it so it was worth all the effort. It took ages to make but I was delighted to help make his party all the more memorable.

Bake-a-Wish Iron Man

Bake-a-Wish Captain America


Doc McStuffins: I made my first Bake-a-Wish Cake for Ruby, a little girl who was celebrating turning 2. Ruby is a huge Doc McStuffins fan, as is my daughter, so I had no shortage of inspiration.


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    1. thanks so much. The cakes do take a lot of time, but it’s great to see how happy they make the child and family. I love working on these orders too as I have pretty much free reign on the design.

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