My first 5 mile

Looking at the times I do for 5k and the only 10k run that I ever did, I got the notion that I’d like to do my first 5 mile, in a time of 45-something. Nothing scientific about the number – but it had a nice ring to it.

The run was busy, for the first 1-2k it was hard to run at my normal pace so I started slower. I also was hot, I wore a base layer and a long sleeved top and instantly regretted it. Half way through the run, I removed my long sleeve top and then things improved. Before that, I was in hell. ugh

I enjoyed the second half of the run, I wasn’t as hot and it wasn;t as congested. I had MapMyRun on and knew if maintained my pace, I’d be under 46mins, so I kept pushing and kept the pace. It wasn’t easy as my body is used to stopping at 5k but I kept my goal in mind and pushed on. I ended with a time of 45.28 and was chuffed. Next time. I’ll wear less clothes and hopefully enjoy it more…..

The goody bag was pretty darn good so that was a nice reward too 😉

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