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Christmas Book Advent Calendar


For the last three years, I’ve wrapped 24 books & for the month of December, my kids take turns opening one each night at bedtime. Yes, there is some bickering about who’s turn it was (usual carry on), but they love it. I also really love seeing them run up the stairs at bedtime 😂

I’ll posted this before on my facebook page and know some followers have introduced this tradition into their homes. For anyone, who isn’t familiar with this type of advent calendar, read on. All will be explained!

We have two weeks to get books and get wrapping, plenty of time! See below for how I organise it.



  • 24 books.
  • Some people buy 24 new books. Not me.
  • I have a few Christmas books that I bring out each year. I use these with a mixture of non Christmas books that I pick up in November (or during the year).
  • I love charity shops so always have a quick look at kids books there. I do love my second hand books😍 – they are normally around 50c to €1, depending on the shop and often in perfect condition. If you do buy kids books in a charity shop, do flick through the pages before you buy, to make sure they are not scribbled on etc.
  • If you would like to buy new books, I recommend The Book People or TKMAXX for getting some great deals. They do book sets that work out at great value. I also am a big fan of Usborne Books, which you can get in most book shops.
  • One mum who follows my page, says she also includes some library books. I did this last year & included some Christmas themed library books too – it worked really well. I just hoped the kids would pick them early in the month, so I could get them back in time.
  • I’ve posted a picture of the books, which I used last year incase any of you want some inspiration.
  • I have ‘The Night Before Christmas’ and wrap that and keep it separate, so that the kids get that on Christmas Eve. Can’t have them opening than mid month eh



  • Wrap the books. You can use a system if you like or just wrap them any old way. Some people number the books, so that the kids are given a parcel with the date on it, to open. I just wrap them using a few different types of wrapping paper. My kids think there is a theme – ie red wrapping paper means Christmas books etc, but there really isn’t one. It’s funny hearing them discuss a strategy for picking a book!
  • I prefer to put all the books in a basket and let them pick a book to open each night. I have two kids and they take turns picking a book – none of us know if they are Christmas themed books or just normal books.
  • I included a Christmas cook book and activity book last year for a change.
  • I try to include some classic books – like Enid Blyton or Roald Dahl and we we read a chapter a night, or put them aside for after Christmas.
  • I store the books in a basket and bring it out when the kids were in their PJs. Once the book was picked, the basket was taken away again. I couldn’t be sure they wouldn’t open them all, so figure it was best to remove temptation😏
  • My kids are always excited at getting a new book every night, and it a big success in our house. Hopefully, it is again this year!

That’s it. Not too complicated and a lovely tradition that encourages reading. If you do an advent calendar in your house, do let me know and if you have any tips, which you would like to share – please let me know.

Happy Reading!

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