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Dulce de Leche Cake


Ok, this may quite possibly be the laziest blog ever. It’s a link to the recipe which I love. It’s by Rachel Allen, I do adore her cake recipes – especially this one. So much so, that I baked it for my birthday. it’s a few years since I made it last, and I have been wanting to bake it again for a while. My birthday – my choice of cake. Bingo!


I was tempted to put a salted caramel twist on it, but decided to keep it as is, so that the kids would be guaranteed to like it too. Next time, eh!


Link to recipe – argh, I can’t get it to work. Google ‘cook with avonmore dulce de leche cake‘ and it’s the first result. I will try and fix this later. I’m a baker not a techie 😉

Note: this recipe contains nuts in the form of ground almonds, but I’m sure if you replaced them with flour it would still work well.



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