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Shortbread, I’ve eaten it many times but I don’t recall ever baking it before lockdown. This recipe has cornflour on it – I don’t think that’s the norm, it adds a lovely texture to the biscuit. It’s light and kind of melts in your mouth. I made them in the warm weather and will admit did find the dough a bit fiddly to work with. I just chilled it a good bit and kneaded it to bring it together.

The recipe is egg free, so a good one to have for people with allergies. I think this is why the dough was more crumbly than my usual cookie dough too.

This is an old school recipe, which a friend gave me. Anyway, there are only 4 ingredients listed and they are in oz, proper old school. My friend added chocolate chips to hers, so I did the same to most of my dough. I made a few with no chips too – they are nice with our without the chocolate. A winner.



  • 4 oz / 113 g caster sugar
  • 8 oz / 226 g Plain Flour
  • 4 oz / 113 g cornflour
  • 8 oz / 226 g butter (I used unsalted)
  • chocolate chips (optional) – I used 75 g



  1. Preheat oven to 180 (160 fan) and line a baking tray with grease-proof paper.
  2. Cut butter into cubes and place in bowl of food processor or mixer with the sugar, flour and cornflour.
  3. Mix until combined in a firm dough.
  4. If adding chocolate chips, stir in to dough. Allow to rest in fridge for 30 mins.
  5. Dust work surface with flour. Roll out to approximately 1/4 inch and cut into shapes.
  6. Place on lined baking tray and bake for 10 minutes or until starting to colour.  Leave on tray until starting to harden and transfer to wire tray to cool.

Some @thecakemum observations/tips:

  • The recipe didn’t say if the butter should be cold or at room temp. The recipe does mention cutting it into cubes, so it probably should be cold. I used room temp and it was fine.
  • I found the shortbread took slightly longer to bake. I checked them at 10 mins and took them out after 11-12 mins. Every oven is different, so do keep a close eye on them.
  • I made heart shaped and round biscuits. The round ones held their shape better but you can still see the heart shape, it’s just not as defined as it would be with other cookie dough. I used a heart cutter from PME, I got mine in Mr Price ages ago (see below for details). A handy set to have for roll out fondant and cookies.
  • The shortbread can be iced or drizzled with melted chocolate or left plain.
  • The cookies keep well. Either store in an airtight tin or a zip lock bag.
  • They are a nice gift as they are very tasty with a cup of tea/coffee

Happy Baking and #stayhome x

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