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Easy Cupcake Decorating with kids

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I have learnt that kids seem to prefer the very last part of making cupcakes, the decorating bit! So I thought, that I’d share how I entertain kids with cupcake decorating. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t keep them busy for long but they do love it.

Whenever I make cupcakes, I make extra and bung them in an IKEA ziplock bag as soon as they are cool and hide them in the freezer. It means I always have a stash of cupcakes to use. This part is key, as it makes the whole activity a lot less work for Mama. You can of course bake the cupcakes with the kids too. I do bake with my own kids but don’t bake on playdates etc, that’s too much chaos/hard work for me. The recipe for Vanilla cupcakes is

  1. I take a few cupcakes out of the freezer around half an hour before I plan on using them. I normally allow 3 cupcakes per child, but less if I am running low. Sure 1 is grand 😉
  2. I make buttercream, see recipe – (normally the last one) and place it in a piping bag.
  3. I place a variety of sprinkles or sweets in small bowls. For years, I used the kids IKEA bowls but picked up some cute small bowls in a charity shop a while back and they are so pretty, I use these all the time now. They are also small!
  4. I normally use chocolate chips (from Aldi or Tesco), sprinkles (any type) and then some funsize sweets like Haribo jellies, M&Ms or Smarties. You honestly only need a pack of each – the more you put out the more they use. It’s easier to add an extra packet than to try to tell them to hold back on the decorations!
  5. I lay out the cupcakes, buttercream and decorations on th e table. I also put an IKEA plastic plate in front of each seat. It sounds like I am IKEA mad, I’m not I swear.
  6. Then call the kids to the kitchen. They pick a cupcake (they are all the same but this still involves deliberation) and help them pipe the buttercream. I basically guide the piping bag around the cupcake and they squeeze it a bit.
  7. The kids then have free reign with the decorations. As many as they want.
  8. That’s it. 10 minutes of heaven to a kid as they know they get to eat one of the finished cupcakes.


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