Fun Stuff

NYE with kids


In 2016, we went to the Panto in the Helix on December 31st. It was a lovely day to go, as the cast did a fake countdown and sang ‘auld lang syne’. That was the first year that my kids even knew what New Years Eve was! Anyway, I bought some sparklers for later that evening and there began a new family tradition.

In 2017, we had no Panto but we still marked the day. I bought alcohol free bubbly and lots of sparklers. We did a fake countdown at 8pm and the kids ran around the garden with the sparklers. It was a good laugh and the sparklers were definitely the highlight. The crackling ones were the best of the bunch that I bought. I got ours in EuroGiant.

That’s as wild as our night got! haha, well we did have a few drinks after the kids went to bed.

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