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Tesco Clubcard Boost – Family Fun

I love using our Tesco Clubcard points for fun stuff. A few years ago, I started saving our points for the summer and then using them with Tesco Boost Partners to have fun days out. In my opinion, it’s such a shame to spend the vouchers like cash in store. It’s way better value, to exchange them for fun stuff and do outings that perhaps you wouldn’t have paid full price for.

Some companies have deals with Tesco and enable you to exchange €2.50 worth of clubcard points for €10 worth of vouchers for Days Out, Restaurants etc. There are lots of ways to spend your points nationwide, you can see them all on the the Tesco website (link here). Tesco even emails the vouchers for a few partners (Milanos being one we use a lot) – that means you don’t have to wait a week or so to get your voucher and is very handy for a spontaneous outing. This is definitely not an ad, I just want to encourage you guys to get the most out of your vouchers if you shop with Tesco.

Below are some of the ways, which we have spent our points, they might give you some ideas. I’ve probably forgotten a few, but will update the post when I remember the other ways we’ve used our points.

Days Out:

  • City sightseeing Dublin – A hop on hop off bus tour of Dublin city. We did this 3 years ago and my kids still talk about it. I’m not sure if it was the novelty of sitting on an open top bus, the headphones to listen to the commentary or the hopping on and off, but they really enjoyed it. One of hightlights on this trip was visiting Collins Barracks – we’d never been before and were impressed. Was also used vouchers for a trip to TGI Fridays that day, so ate courtesy of Tesco points too.
  • Irish National Stud in Kildare. It’s the only Stud Farm in Ireland open to the Public. Admission covers a guided tour of the Stud, a visit to the Japanese Gardens & St. Fiachra’s Garden along with the Horse Museum. We went mid week in the summer (a few years ago) and spent the day there. The kids loved the playground and we all fell in love with the Japanese Gardens. It was stunning and I clearly remember the stepping stones and the lovely red bridge. A fairy trail has been added since our visit.


  • Leisure Plex  – we have used our vouchers to go bowling a good few times. Some restrictions apply, I think we had to use them before 2pm at weekends – ask at your local Plex before going.
  • Sealife in Bray. We’ve been a few times to SeaLife. It’s a small aquarium and doesn’t take long, so we spend the day in Bray afterwards and it always ends with ice-cream. My kids have enjoyed SeaLife, anytime we have been but race through it. You have been warned, it doesn’t take long! The staff have always been amazing with kids and spent time to educating them at a level that is interesting. One staff member told us about a young octopus that they had and how they had to give him new toys to keep him entertained like a human.


  • Back in 2013, Tesco did a deal in conjunction with Tayto Park. Sadly, they stopped that offer but we did go to Tayto Park for my daughter’s 2nd birthday with our vouchers. It was our first ever time there and such a fab way to spend her birthday. I hope some day that this offer will come back (pretty please). I don’t care if it’s off peak, even in winter. I’d go!
  • There are so many other deals country wide, it’s well worth checking them out. Especially if you are going to another part of Ireland for a break or holiday.

Restaurants: Our three regular haunts are below, as before €2.50 worth of vouchers can be exchanged for €10 boost restaurant vouchers. Eating out with kids in Ireland can be expensive, so these vouchers come in very handy!

  • Milanos
  • TGI Fridays
  • Hard Rock Cafe

Planned outings:

  • We are planning to do the Liffey River Cruise, Rainforest Adventure Golf & Malahide Castle and Gardens in the coming months. Yup, just ordered my vouchers for them. Have to squeeze in a few more day trips before the chilly weather arrives.

Hope you found this useful



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