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Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt Dublin

Tickets for the Cadbury Easter Egg Hunt 2018 in Merrion Square, Dublin go on sale on Thursday March 8th . If you haven’t been to this event and have kids (I’d say under 10), I’d recommend it. This is the 5th year of the Egg Hunt & we have been for three years in a row. It takes place in Merrion Square on Good Friday and Easter Saturday – there are two time slots each day.

Here are some pictures from our visits to the Hunt. I remember taking pics of the goodie bag but can’t find them, maybe that’s a good thing. It’s a nice surprise seeing what is inside, assuming they will give them out again this year.





It’s a lovely family outing that involves money going to charity and you coming home with a bag of goodies (well we got one for the last 3 years). Sure what’s not to like! There are games for the kids, a petting zoo, a hunt and of course the ever popular playground in Merrion Square is there too.

A few years ago, I think it was 2015, they had a ‘giving tree’ – the kids (and erm my goodself) put their hands inside the tree and picked a treat. It was the highlight of the day but it hasn’t been there for the last few years. I actually don’t even have one picture of it and am even starting to think I imagined a tree full of chocolate 😉 I wish they would bring that tree back….. Even without the tree, it’s still well worth supporting!

Family tickets cost €20 with every cent from the sale of tickets coming to Barnardos to support our work with children and families throughout the country.

The link to find out more about the event is:


The link to buy tickets will be live on March 8th is below. It does sell out every year, so if you really want to go, I recommend you buy the tickets the morning that they are released.

Buy tickets here or check the link above to go to the Barnardos website.

If you do go, I hope you enjoy the event. We have always made a day of it, had a bite to eat in town and a wander down Grafton Street too. A fun way to kick off the Easter weekend!


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