Running like a girl

I attempted to read a running book a few years ago and never managed to finish it. On a recent trip to my local library, this book caught my eye. I’ve never heard of the book or author, Alexandra Heminsley (Hemmo), but liked the blurb on the back so gave it a whirl.

I thoroughly enjoyed it and whizzed through the book in a few days. It’s divided into sections and has a very down to earth approach. The combination of the sections – Alexandra Heminsley’s running journey, a section on ground breaking female runners and some running tips, works really well.

I welled up at parts of the book, but I’m a total softie and cry a lot at books and movies. I’m allergic to fluffy, light books where the tone is all buddy buddy and in my opinion false. The author here comes across here as warm, friendly and approachable but I never got that allergic feeling. If I did, the book wouldn’t have been finished. Harsh or what!

I think the section that will stay with me the most, is when she wrote about the female runners who ran long distances, when they weren’t ‘allowed’. I reread that bit twice. I’d never heard of these women and am in awe of their determination.

If you are half interested in running, or even if you wonder why people like running, give this a go. I am now a Hemmo fan.



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